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Photography Services

Clinical or Exciting, We Can Help

Carbon Creatures has three photographers on our core team. One is a videographer who also loves long exposure photography. One is a portrait photographer who has become of the top light painters in the world. One loves getting his fingers on vintage film and shooting old school.

We've got architecture covered. We've got portraits and commercial model shots covered. We have special effects covered. We can accomplish a lot just in the camera, and we can turn it into your desired marketing material with digital post-production.

Our photographers are also available for light painting photo booths, as well as interactive performance light art using our LightMonster product, for large parties and corporate events.


Light Painting

Art in the camera

Light painting is the art of creating long exposure photographs where either lights within the scene move, or the camera itself moves. Sometimes it involves doing multiple lighting events but among those devoted to the art it's always done in a single camera exposure.

Dan Chick runs multiple light painting groups, is an author for the leading blog, and has released light painting software. He can also shoot infrared or full-spectrum images. A light painting photo booth is a great addition at events.

Light painting samples

Model Photography

Commerical and Artistic

Portrait photography needs a little something-something be help it stand out. We can shoot in our own studio or work with you on-location for either standalone photography needs or to capture images you need for your design work.

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Prism Photography

Own the light

Prism photography involves bending the path of light as it's on its way to the camera. It's a great way to inject some magic into event photography without using digital post-production.

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