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Depth and flexibility in print or animation

One of the main purposes for 3D these days, outside of video games, is information animations. Commercial, web banners, and internal company reports are just some of the uses. That said, 3D is also a wonderful tool for doing two dimensional output as well, either for digital or print.

Once you have your assets you can quickly create new scenes for output or just proof of concept. You can change a camera angle and generate a new scene without having to scrap a normal vector illustration due to the shift in perspective. Change lighting, change shadows, move the elements around. If you have a talented 3D designer then you have a lot of options!

3D Portfolio

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Back to the Future

We've been involved in creating the artwork for Skytalks, an information security conference that accompanies the larger DEF CON conference, for many years. 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of DEF CON and the 10th anniversary of Skytalks.

In honor this, and in matching the general design direction of DEF CON, we shot reference photography for the Skytalks image before recreating the scene in Maya. Certain elements of the scene were altered, the camera angle and field of vision were changed, and the image was exported for final processing to Photoshop and Illustrator.

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We Do Science

A passion for communicating information and education through graphic design has made medical and scientific 3d modeling and animation a natural fit.

Our 3D designer has worked in a forensics laboratory recreating situations with precision enough to be presented as supporting evidence in court cases. Her final project in art school involved motion capture of a boxer combined with an animated and scientific breakdown of what happens in the course of a boxer's punch.

If you want your science presented well, we can help.

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