Body painting and LightMonster for Leiffa, Gordo Scientific, Made in Xiaolin

Here are some images from an event we did Friday, 7/6/2018 at an event organized by rosin-producer Leiffa.  It was hosted at Tetra Lounge and co-sponsored by Gordo Scientific, and Made in Xiaolin.

Nancy body-painted two models (Rose and Kat) as well as members of the crowd. Paul Burns and Dan Chick pitched a tent and brought the LightMonster video light painting system that we have developed. The gallery on Facebook has two sets of image: one with black fiber optic brushes, one with screen captures from LightMonster.  View the gallery.

We also have some video from the LightMonster portion.  Some of it involves creating still images with light, over time.  Some of it involves playing with light and letting event participants make it all happen.  Check THAT out on Vimeo!

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