Fantastic Hosts Photobooth with LightMonster

We like a good party and we like to help other people throw them!

This week we were at the Fantastic Hosts party “Doors to Perception” where we had a photo booth set up, and a second booth featuring our interactive light performance system, LightMonster.

This was the fourth year we’ve done a  photo booth.  The first year was light painting.  The second was light painting on white plus an ultraviolet area.  The third was prisms and mirrors in black and white.  This year we brought the infrared photography.  Check out the photo gallery!

We also had our LightMonster system set up, and we couldn’t keep people out of it!  What a fun time with people dancing, waving lights, having a blast while also creating art with their motions.  You can see some of LightMonster in action in this recap video shot by Stephen Scarlet.

Like what you see?  We can bring LightMonster or creative photo booths to your party too!

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