Outsourced Motion Graphics

One of our first customers, even though we haven’t even yet had our company kickoff party, is De La Rosa Design, currently in California. They have a couple talented designers on staff but they didn’t have any resources for doing video or motion graphics.

They have some good clients in the cryptocurrency world who need motion graphic videos and advertisements.

Chris De La Rosa found us through one of his designers who had previously worked with our co-founder a few years ago as his primary designer. Within a day Chris was sending us storyboards and we started work on their project immediately.

This was new territory for De La Rosa and the first request was to build a video precisely off the story boards. This was immediately followed by having us build another version with similar content, but with a bit more of our own creative freedom. After presenting both to Chris we moved forward with a couple small modifications to the second version, and the client is happy with what we jointly created!

View the video here

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