New Website Launched

This site will change, it will evolve. It might migrate to an entirely different platform, but this is where we start.

I’m not gonna say that it’s under construction, or “please mind the dust”; those are phrases from the early days of the web that are years stale. Instead we claim the buzzphrase of “continuous integration” and we move our site forward bit by bit, making it incrementally better.

This site is WordPress but we also play with Magento, and the majority of our web background is two decades of custom programming. We leverage Docker and Kubernetes for maximum uptime and scaling.

We shoot our own photography and for the stock images we used to get this out to door, their days are numbered. We pride ourselves on creating original material, crafted to suit the specific needs of the project. We also understand that sometimes a stock image will totally do and we won’t spend your budget being extra creative “just because we can”.

This is our site. It’s not where we end, but it’s where we start!

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